Meet Jenna

Over the past 17 years, Jenna has worked in many realms within the financial services industry, including the position of Vice President for the second largest financial services company in the world. After learning the industry fundamentals, she decided to take this knowledge and start her own independent firm. With twelve years of owning her own insurance practice under her belt, this challenge allows her the opportunity to use her strengths to create a greater impact in her clients’ lives. Jenna is very passionate about helping others understand their personal finances and she believes in developing long-term relationships with clients and their families.

As an independent investment advisor representative (IAR) of over five years, she provides her clients with a fiduciary level of service. This means she is legally bound to always do the right thing for her clients and their families by only offering solutions that service their best interest. She is also a licensed independent insurance agent and has expertise in insurance products. Jenna is an independent investment advisor representative offering full service financial planning including investments and insurance.

She attended Augsburg College, a private Christian College in Minnesota and attends multiple financial training sessions every year to ensure she remains on the forefront of retirement and estate planning issues.

Jenna Cairns stays current on information to ensure her clients stay up to speed on the latest breakthroughs in retirement planning.

As an Independent Insurance agent, she can offer an unbiased opinion on your retirement income plan and get top rates for insurance.

Jenna finds value in meeting with clients each year to offer an annual review to ensure we develop long term relationships with our clients.

She and her husband, Cory, have a strong belief that faith and family come first and they like to volunteer in multiple ministry groups at Grace Church and the surrounding local community. They were married in 2016 and have three beautiful daughters.

Over 5 years registered investment advisor